17.3, Full RTX 2070, 9750H, 144Hz, 16GB Corsair 2666, Mechanical keybaord, 512 SSD Custom Gaming Laptop £1,501 PC Specialist

Deal Score+116
Deal Score+116
The Best priced gaming laptop at this price bracket and is much better than the 16.1 defiance V RTX series by a mile. The 2080 Max-Q is £350 more than the 2070 but due to the lower power target, performs worse.

To get the price, the config is:


  • 17.3 144Hz Thin bezel display
  • Intel i7 9750H (Came out 2 weeks ago) turbos @ 4.5GHz
  • 16GB Corsair 2666MHz DDR4 (dual channel 2x8GB)
  • Nivida RTX 2070 8GB (not the lower powered Max-Q version)
  • 512GB m.2 SSD (can be upgrade for little money)
  • Silent RGB Mechanical keyboard
  • The better thermal paste compound (the bulk standard one is bad which was confirmed on the phone, is unbranded)
  • No OS (buy a key from amazon for 10 quid or if a student, sign into dream spark and get it for free) to add to this, it comes with windows 10 anyway, you just need a code to activate it. You can also transfer a license you currently have on your current windows device, attach it to your Microsoft account and simply login to your new laptop and it will automatically activate here
  • Free delivery 3-5 days (or next day, once built via DPD pickup point)
  • 1 Year extended dead pixel guarantee

link here

As of current, you can not get better for the price. The weight comes in at 2.4KG, which is quite light, given the specs.

So currently, having this in front of me, I can play:

Borderlands 2, maxed out in 1080p [email protected] 60C and the [email protected] 67 at 144FPS (capped at 144)
Witcher 3, maxed out (no hair works) [email protected] 67C and the [email protected] 73 at 95FPS
Doom, Maxed out, [email protected] 66C and the [email protected] 70 at 187FPS (uncapped)

You can also do e-sports titles at much higher frames if needed (external monitor etc)

personal favorite thing is the keyboard. It feels nice to use, no louder than a normal keyboard from what I can tell.

The laptop is also unbranded. So in theory, no one around you will know its a high-end laptop (no random RGB lights etc outside of the keyboard) so I can bring it to work and no one looks at me oddly ha

The next best price for performance (aka the new 6 core processor, full 2070, 16Gb ram and a reasonable sized ssd) is £2.100 on amazon or 2.049 on overclockers.

It is also HALF of the price of the new razor blade with the same specs 3,049.99!

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