ASRock DeskMini A300 Mini PC Barebone for Socket AM4 £134.99 CCLOnline Now Available in UK

Deal Score+136
Deal Score+136
If you’re into building small and cheap PCs then you’ve probably been waiting for this. It was released in the US last month and I’ve been waiting for it to appear in the UK, well now it has.

Amazon is selling this for £156 here, but UK company CCL are under cutting them by over £20 – and it’s closer to the US price of $150.

For those who don’t know, it will take a Ryzen 2400G, is about the same size as an ATX PSU and will make the perfect tiny gaming PC. Remember you can play games like Fortnight and Apex legends at 60fps on a Ryzen 2400G so it should be reasonably capable. I’d also be hoping that Asrock will update the Bios on the mobo to support the newer Ryzen G series that’s rumoured to come out at the end of May.

Stock is limited everywhere right now – CCL only had 5 and I just bought one of them, so only 4 left. Perhaps Amazon will price match them.

It’s also easy to connect a GPU to this via a pci-e ribbon cable going into the m.2 slot, so you can get even more oomph out of it if you have an e-gpu setup. Here’s a link.

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