Exit: The Abandoned Cabin Board Game – £11.69 delivered using code @ 365games.co.uk

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With the discount and free delivery offered by 365games this seems like a good price to me. Highly rate on BGG.

Exit: The Abandoned Cabin Board Game
After your car breaks down, you are looking for shelter for the night. Luckily, you find an abandoned cabin in the woods near the road. But the next morning, the door is locked! Iron bars on the windows prevent you from escaping. You discover a book and a strange disk…

The hit Escape-Room concept for home use! In this party game for up to 6 players, you must solve a series of riddles and puzzles to escape from an abandoned cabin. Each correct solution brings you to another riddle. How fast can you escape?

1-6 players
Ages 12+
1-2 hour play time

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