Sony WH-1000XM3 Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless headphones £263.98 Costco

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Deal Score0
This deal won’t be for everyone (non Costco members I’m looking at you).

At the moment they’re £275 on amazon and if you want warranty you’ll be forking out extra. Costco electronics come with fixed 2 year warranty (I’ve returned everything to Costco from tvs to laptops and it really is no questions asked, “here’s a new one” or “have your money back”). When it comes to something pricey like these I’d highly recommend them as the go to for peace of mind when it comes to breakages.

I’ve owned a pair of these for 5 months now and they are second to none. Big price tag fully justified by the endless hours I listen to them daily. I bought at high end price and paid extra for extended warranty so if you’re after a pair of these and want them brand spanking new I’d highly recommend this (if you have that Costco card that is!….)


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